Logout API

User can use this API to logout from the wallet.

The POST request will be send over HTTPS to the endpoint.

Sample Request

Sample Response

How to generate verification hash?

Verification Hash has to be calculated with following combination using SHA256 algorithm and need to be send along with the authentication parameters in each server-to-server request. Parameters required for creating hash are :

Sample Code

Request Parameters

This reference lists all the standard flow parameters to be send in request.

Parameter Description Format Required
customerId Generated unique customer id on per user sign up. N
platformId App platform Id Android-1 and iOS-2. AN2048
cust_device_id Unique device ID for Android and iOS. Not incase of Web N
verificationHash Verification Hash has collected combination of parameters. String Yes

Response Parameters

This reference list lists all the standard flow parameters to be received in response.

Parameter Description Format Required
status Response status (SUCCESS/FAILED). A
responseCode Response code [a-zA-Z0-9] Yes

List of platforms supported by wallet

PlatformId PlatformName
1 Android
2 iOS
3 Web