Activity Logs

Get the activity log of wallet user account.

How to get activity log?

The POST request will be send over HTTPS to the endpoint.


Pass AuthToken in header for each request Auth API

Sample Request

Sample Response


  • lastActivityId – keep 0
  • verificationHash - SHA256Algorithm.generateSHA256Hash(secKey.trim()+customerId.trim()+lastActivityId.trim())
  • activityType – Sent, Added, Purchased, Received, Rejected request, Requested, Profile setting changed
  • If single activity, response is in JSON object and if multiple activities, response is in JSON Array (last 20 logs you will get)

How to generate verification hash?

verification Hash has to be calculated with following combination using SHA256 algorithm and need to be send along with the authentication parameters in each server-to-server request:

Sample Code

Request Parameters

This reference lists all the standard flow parameters to be send in request.

Parameter Description Format Required
customerId Generated unique customer id on per user sign up N
lastActivityId Activity List last id (If no id keep 0) N
fromWalletCurrency User's wallet currency. A3
verificationHash Verification Hash has collected combination of parameters. String Yes
walletOwnerId Provided by Unique id. N20

Response Parameters

This reference list lists all the standard flow parameters to be received in response.

Parameter Description Format Required
responseCode Response code [a-zA-Z0-9] Yes
activityId Unique ID of the activity. N
fromCustName Sender's Name. A255 Yes
toCustName Receiver's Name. A255 [a-zA-Z] Yes
amount Amount of the transaction. N50
[0-9] {1,50}
activityType Gets the activity type for activities or operations performed in Activity logs. A255 Yes
registeredTime Transactions or activities performed time. N50 Yes
fromWallet Sender's wallet name . A255 Yes
toWallet Receiver's wallet name . A255 Yes
currency User's currency A3

List of response code from API

Response Code Message
1 Success
2 Fail
3 Invalid Request