Merchant Application Form (MAF) API

   Existing partners can submit Merchant Application Form (MAF) consisting of all merchant details using our REST API.

The MAF includes the below details:

Company Profile:

The request must contain all the legal information about the company.

Ownership Profile :

The request must contain all the information related to shareholders, directors and authorized signatory.

Business Profile:

The request must contain all website related information.

Bank Profile:

The request must contain all transaction and bank related information.

Cardholder Profile:

The request must contain all cardholder related information.

MAF request is send over HTTPS to the /applicationServices/api/ApplicationManager/submitMAF resource using POST method.

In our API Specifications you can find a full list of parameters that can be sent in the request. Also the number of parameters varies depending on the acquiring banks selected as seen in the sample request given below.

Sample Request

Sample Response

Hashing Rule

supports MD5 Cryptographic Hash for the authenticity of payment request send to the server.

The Merchant Application Form API requires below details to be passed along with the request for authentication and authorization:
  • memberId <Merchant ID as shared by >
  • random Id <Any random generated id>
  • partner's secureKey <Partner key shared by >

How to generate Checksum?

A checksum has to be calculated with following combination and need to be send along with the authentication parameters in each server-to-server request:

Sample Code


Find below the list of banks for synchronous MAF. Merchant details needs to be filled for all banks.

Show all supported banks

Bank Name